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2K Sports should spend more on more professional voice actors
Better Voice Acting – The MyCareer story has been a celebrity-studded success story that Nba 2k22 Mt has been running for the past few years. Michael B Jordan, Idris Elba and Rosario Dawson are a few of the famous names that has been a part of the story. It is a brilliant marketing move in terms of getting casual fans.

However, the money spent on A-List talent means that there were corners cut in other voice actors. Some of the lines uttered by the characters are boring and uninterested. The acting is lacking in life. 2K Sports should spend more on more professional voice actors. NBA 2K Players Claim They Are Scammed Out of 'At least $215,000' NBA 2K is a virtual basketball series that allows players to play against other players and their friends through voice chat and online play modes.

In the last month, players claimed that @StepBackRack, a prominent member of the Twitch community, referred to as "Rack," had stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from Australian and New Zealand communities in an apparent investment fraud. Another player, @Raangee, was believed to be involved in the fraud.

YouTuber and streamer Tyceno was the first to bring to light the scam, which convinced young gamers to part with thousands of dollars in the hope that they'd make more. Tyceno wrote "I have strong reasons to believe @StepBackRack played a role in a massive illegal pyramid scheme that took place in the NBA 2K Community. In the course of this, over $200,000 was snatched from vulnerable children with the hope that they could "flip their cash'."

It's not clear if Rack or Raangee had any knowledge of the scam, or if their accounts were hacked. We've tried to contact the two of them multiple times but to cheap 2k22 mt not be able to reach them.
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