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The moon is thin and the wind is li
The moon is thin and the wind is light, I suddenly have a lot of thoughts, and I
can��t sleep at night. There is always something in my heart that I want to talk
to you. I love you, it is you who use your heart and life to spell out a day for
me. You use youth to cover the wind and rain, which makes my life smooth. They
all said: "Mother loves water, father loves mountains." But in my heart, your
love is as clear as water, more magnificent like a mountain.o is arrogant, and
reported to San Chunhui.is maternal love, let my life have a starting point; it
is maternal love that allows me to spread my wings and fly; it is maternal love
that makes me not disheartened in the face of failure, not proud and complacent
in the face of success. Mother is the wonder of my life, I can't forget it, I
can't separate it.m, you have to work hard to raise me, I am grateful to you. It
is you who take care of me day and night. You are always worried about my
tuition. It is your long lamp to accompany me to study Marlboro Red 100S. It is youwhen my daughter
grows up, she must also hold your clothes corner and spoil, and I will be loved
by you in my arms, and listen to your story about the ducklings Newport Cigarettes Website. Mom, your
"drip of water, I am hard to return" I know that what you want is not that I am
rich and rich, there is money that you can't spend, but to study hard and repay
our motherland with your limited life. . You are always so obscure, selfless,
and not rewarded, I admire you, thank you.you shine the sun in the winter, give
my daughter's pointed light, guide me in the direction; mother Marlboro Cigarettes Price, you are like a
spring to nourish my heart, wash away the impetuous and uneasy in my daughter's
heart... Mom and daughter love you, I can't lose your love, the warmth you
give...I don't know how I would lose if you lost me, but I know that your life
is colorful. It��s hard for me to say this to my mother. I can only express it
by letter. I hope that you will not be angry with me. What I want to say to you
most is: Mom, I love you, you are the sunshine in my life, the Lord in my heart.
Although you are an ordinary mother who can��t be ordinary, but in my heart, it
is the most beautiful. kind person. Your care and night, I finished my homework
early and saw that the stars are hanging in the sky Newport Cigarettes Coupons. You are still
busy with work. I was anxious to get the ants on the hot pot - turn around. The
teacher asks for the homework to be signed Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. What can I do?
Thinking about it, I quickly opened the homework and textbooks, and buckled them
on the schoolbag. I silently said: Mom, you must remember to sign when you go
homee up the next day, I had already forgotten everything from homework,
carrying a schoolbag and going to school happily. As soon as he sat in his seat,
the team leader came over and said loudly: "The assignment is handed in." Ah,
homework? This time I immediately woke up, thinking: bad, the homework is placed
on the bag, I seem to forget to accept the bag. Thinking of this, I am so
anxious that the cold sweat of the beans is coming out. When the team leader saw
me for a long time, he shouted loudly: "Hurry up, the students behind are still
waiting." No way, I had to look down and look for a schoolbag. Hey, "Language"
textbooks and homework books are lined up in neat rows. What is going on here?
Is it true that my mother helped me to collect it, but is there a signature?
Open the homework with a restless heart, ah, the signature of my mother Juan Xiu
show. I suddenly understood that it was definitely my mother who saw my homework
when I got home from work. After careful inspection and signature, I carefully
packed it up. I was moved by the warmth that came to my mind. I handed in my
homework, I took out the "Language" book and joined the sound of reading with
joy. Hey, there seems to be a sticky note in the book. I took a closer look and
said: "Daughter, I saw that you are already asleep, and dare not wake you up.
Remember, the word selection in "Chinese Language and Earth" There is a mistake
in filling in the blanks, remember to correct it.", I know, your love is hidden
in the signature, hiding in the post-it notes, always surrounded me. Mom, thank
you for giving life and nurture me to grow up. Thank you for integrating simple
love into life and accompanying me into happy days. Thank you for infiltrating
the hidden love into everyday life and helping me overcome a difficult
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