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Spring Festival Even
w Year's goods. A few days ago, people would use this red paper to find someone
to write couplets. Unlike those printed couplets, picking up a brush and
swinging it on red paper reflects the real mood. On the evening of the 30th year
of the New Year, the food on the table is also the most abundant, but most of
them cannot be eaten and they are quickly withdrawn Cigarettes For Sale. Pan, in order
to watch the Spring Festival Evening, I do not remember that from that year, the
Spring Festival Evening became a culture of the New Year. I was thinking, what
would life be like if there were no Spring Festival Gala in the future? Early in
the early morning of the first month, there are deep and light footprints on the
road. No matter how snowy or slippery the road is, it can't stop people's New
Year's footsteps. The children get up early and hold big bags and knock on the
door. After a while, "Uncle, Auntie, Happy New Year", the bag has been filled
with delicious food. After having breakfast, adults also came to visit from
house to house. From the first day to the fifteenth, people took gifts to walk
relatives, no matter how far the road was, and the rugged mountain roads. The
biggest hues in the countryside were green and yellow. In people's impression,
whether it is mountain or plain, it is either endless green or vast golden.
Sowing hope in spring, golden harvest in autumn. I think the biggest difference
between urban and rural areas is not just the convenience of traffic conditions,
nor the difference in lifestyle. People in the city live in a dense crowd but
they are always strange faces. Although the rural people are scattered together,
they have a strong sense of belonging. This sense of belonging is unique to
rural people and gradually formed in a long history. . This is the case in the
south, and the countryside in the north and the south has the poetry of "little
bridges and flowing water," and the image of "the year of richness in rice
flowers." With the mood of "listening to the sound of frogs", even now, it can
still be beautifully displayed in harmony. Obviously, the rural areas in the
north lack water to moisturize. The plains and mountains have created
unrestrained feelings, but the villages are mostly the same. Many of the ancient
poems describe the countryside. At that time, prosperity was represented by
pictures to show that the countryside was a quiet place. There were no special
sounds. Some were just the beeping of a tractor during busy farming. Sometimes
two people saw it from afar and greeted loudly. Now, when I stand here again, I
still feel "quiet, but it is a bit desolate in this quietness. Rarely do you
hear the joyful laughter of children playing games, and rarely the cry of babies
The countryside is so open that young people drop out of school early, go to
work along the coast, and wait until the Spring Festival until the village
reappears. The young people talk more or less about economic-related things.
People gather together It ��s more about playing cards and people walking for
tea. After the Spring Festival, people pack their luggage and step on a crowded
train. At this time, there are only lonely elderly people and newborn children
in the countryside, and the village is quieter. There will be a primary school
in the village, and now there are very few schools in a township. Many people
are rushing to the city and some things are disappearing from the countryside.
There are fewer and fewer people in the fields and more and more buildings on
the roadside. . Looking at the empty old houses, it seems that they are back to
the past Newport 100S, but the
colors are much dim, and some of the pictures are obscured. The so-called
development of the era, machinery replaced most of the manual, The large field
no longer needs too many people to operate. Therefore, in my memory, the picture
when my parents harvested became the only information that I missed when the
farm was busy. On the hot sun, I took a sickle to cut a lot of rice. A pot of
water was placed on the field, and drops of sweat fell to the ground and
evaporated quickly. When the increasingly fast life disturbed people's hearts,
many people began to miss the tranquility of the countryside and drove to the
remote places to live Online
. For a few days, eating farm food and doing farm work, but for a
maximum of three days, people will not be able to bear it. Even though people
��s minds are eager to
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