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https://www.worldhealthcart.com/intelliflare-iq/, IntelliFlare IQ
IntelliFlare IQ Why
does marriage start to go bad when the spouses' work is stressful? People
consume all their strong will. In the office, they give their best, at home the
situation is getting worse. Muscle pain: Relaxation is a natural reflex, but
you can force yourself to keep tightening it. Unless your brain is busy
suppressing other feelings. The part of the brain known as the frontal gyrus of
the rim is constantly looking for differences between what you do and what you
intended to do. Exhaustion of the active "ego" slows down the work of
the front bend of the rim. When the brain slows down and its ability to
recognize errors decreases, people have difficulty controlling their reactions.
People "exhausted" in this way react more strongly to any stimuli.
All temptations and feelings are felt more strongly. If you want to receive a
warning in advance of your troubles, do not look for a single symptom, but
rather a change in the overall intensity of the feelings felt. If you notice
that you are particularly frustrated with some annoying events, sad because of
some unpleasant thoughts, or even happier when you hear the good news - it may
be because your mind does not control emotions as well as usual. Exhaustion of
"ego" is therefore doubly problematic: on the one hand, the will
power is weaker, on the other - all emotions are stronger. A group of students
stopped worrying about unhealthy, fattening food when they were focused on
their exams. It is widely believed that stress causes such reactions. This is
not true. Stress simply depletes your supply of willpower, which reduces your
ability to control your emotions.

Страницы: 1
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