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wind gently sweeps o
When the gorgeous leaves are gone, the veins of life can be found. ����An
inscription on the afternoon of Qiuqiu, the sky is overcast, like a stormy gray
sea, the wind gently sweeps over, but it chills into the bones. This afternoon
of the autumn tour, watching the flowers under the gray sky, the edges of the
unknown but beautiful flowers are a bit bleak, such cold autumn, it seems that
they do not belong to them. I must have sprayed a lot of pesticides to maintain
the flowering period. I am thinking about it. My interest is not very high, and
I am aimlessly turning in the vast sea of ??flowers. The colorful flowers are
woven into a beautiful sea. People walk in the sea of ??flowers, the waves of
flowers are surrounded by people's laughter, and all kinds of gorgeous flowers.
A brain drilled into the nostrils, looking around in a groggy way, red, pink,
purple, white, without exception, each flower bone is in full bloom, eagerly
slaps the face, causing people to be surprised again and again fr om time to
time. Wow, it��s beautiful!��. As the crowd flowed forward, it was a small
children's paradise. From the three tall petal-shaped slides, some children were
surprised to scream. Next to the Children's Park is a small department Online Cigarettes. The students in twos
and threes go in and out from time to time, squatting in their hands, eating in
their mouths Marlboro Lights,
laughing and laughing, and rushing to the next flower sea. Suddenly, in a casual
corner, there is also a "flower sea", which is not really a sea of ??flowers,
withered sunflowers pulling a bulky head Cheap Cigarettes, even if a few
pieces of fallen petals are also hard, reminiscent of The old man��s thick and
hard old man��s hand. The reason why Xu is out of place is that there is no way
to enter this "flower". They are far away from the hustle and quietly standing
in the fence in the distance, from the "lonely self-reward". Somehow, I always
felt that the day of such defeat was very close to the sunflower that seemed to
be declining. I drilled in the past and wanted to find out. In the vicinity, the
slender branches were swaying with a few brown leaves, and the yellow leaves
pulled halfway around the large, round disk, in a taupe, a grain of firmness The
full sunflower seeds are neatly arranged. The hard shell is matched with the
black coat. It makes people feel like a hedgehog. I don��t know wh ere to start,
but the spirit is not shocked. Looking at it, a flower field is sparse and
desolate, and it is heart-rending and pitiful. It can hold them down, but it is
full of vitality, fruit, and respect! I caress the face of the disk, the veins
are clear The sunflower seeds are a little touched. Others are rushing to find
the beautiful flowers in full bloom, no one cares, but you choose to bow your
head and breed full. Even the golden petals that once shined in the sun have
gone through the wind, and they have been forgotten by the passers-by in the
corner. The flower in full bloom is beautiful, it can highlight the color of
spring; and autumn, you don't need flowers, you are the harvest season, another
kind of life is blooming.
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Страницы: 1
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