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handful of pedestrians
The fine smell of warmth "whistle---" bursts of cold wind, the leaves on both
sides of the road "sand" sound, a thin single coat has completely could not
withstand the violent offensive of this wind Cigarettes Online. On the main road,
there are only a handful of pedestrians, and the wind is covered with drizzle,
and every corner of the place wherever it goes. Father took me, riding an
electric car, galloping in the direction of home. The sky is much darker than
before, and the gloomy, it is on our hearts, like the weight of a thousand
pounds. The wind roared, just like the tigers went down the mountain, and the
pedestrians who rushed to the west of the road crashed into the sky. And we,
like a lost lamb, rushed in front of the tiger. The road is already invisible;
the line of sight is very vague. The front is like a rain wall, and it looks
like a long time-space tunnel, never ending... rain, getting bigger and bigger.
Raindrops, also from my father's cheeks, down, cold, as if the needle crossed
the father from time to time turned around to see my state, while bringing, and
warm words: "Keep it, I am here soon, and I solemnly nodded. Maybe I found out
that I was cold. My father stopped the car and put the only thin coat on his
body on me. The wind is bigger, the rain is more fierce Marlboro Lights, but I can't feel
the chill. At this moment, a warm current slowly overflowed from the bottom of
my heart. My father's coat not only gave me physical warmth, but warmed my
heart. I have traveled to many places to see different scenery and experience
different moods, but when I leave, I want to ask myself if I will come again.
Every time I leave, there will be many people who think that the meaning of
travel is Go to places you have not been to. However, they have thought about
it. This kind of going will make him and these places never meet again. I have
never thought about revisiting the place. In just three years, I went to Xi'an
with a thousand miles away. The train is filled with laughter and laughter,
leaning against the window, you will definitely not change when you think about
it, and I can look at you more carefully. You must also be so bold, just like a
man in northern Shaanxi, so that the car has just traveled halfway, I seem to
feel your enthusiasm. It��s so nice, I met again in the summer two years ago and
I saw you for the first time. At that time, I didn't know how to describe you,
bustling and crowded; or old and long. I only felt very strange, but it was also
mixed with some kindness, as if I had seen it, leaving a mark in the depths of
my eyes Marlboro Red. I remember
that at that time, I gently said in my heart: first time to meet, please advise.
In just a few days, shuttle between the various attractions, take some water and
rush. Huaqing Pool, Museum, Terracotta Warriors, Big Wild Goose Pagoda...
Because the weather is hot, and because this is what most people call travel,
they have come, watched, and then slowly forget in memory. From color to black
and white, from clear to fuzzy, finally nowhere to wake up from memory, looking
out the window, the train arrived. Different from the past, looking at the big
"Xi'an" at the top of the train station, a different kind of love spread from
the bottom of my heart. Yes, I have memories about it. I have seen you, I
remember you. Xi'an, goodbye, meet again! The second itinerary, there are still
the sights and streets that have been visited. Although it is only a passenger
who has had a relationship, but when I meet again, it is like an old man who has
never reunited for a long time. This kind of feeling is very wonderful. It also
has a very poetic and profound understanding and understanding of time. In the
ancient city, I recall the vicissitudes of life from ancient times to the
present. I recall the young gaze that I have stayed in in the familiar scenery,
and then I am careful in my heart. Depicting the old strange appearance,
graceful and luxurious, Shengshi Jinxiu many places, see each other again, will
always give birth to more sentiment, just like I and Xi'an, although it is still
difficult to use the text to complain about the appearance of the ancient city
before the reunion, after the farewell, Putting snow to the spring, burning the
lights to continue; before the farewell, after the reunion, Lin Quan crossed the
water, white clouds carrying wine.
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Страницы: 1
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